screen protector - diamond

In the pack

  • 1 x Anti-Glare & Anti-Bacterial Screen Protector for diabetes technology
  • 1 x Application Kit including; Polishing Cloth, Smear free wipe, Dust Removal Sticker


The Nano-Glass screen protector provides a great level of protection using our nanometre thin hybrid film/tempered glass material, precisely designed for your selected diabetes device.

Your screen protector also includes an oleophobic coating, to help reduce fingerprint smears. Nano-Glass screen protectors protect against scratches, scuffs and drops by absorbing any display impacts, protecting your devices display. 

Nano glass also offered precision touch sensitivity through the multi-layer glass and film composition reacts like your diabetes technology’s own screen, ensuring every touch is transferred accurately for a perfect touchscreen experience. With an almost invisible protection, you won’t even notice it on your display with its 99.9% optical clarity.