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Glucoboost Jellybeans - 90g

Glucoboost Jellybeans - 90g

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Glucoboost are MORE than a jellybean! They are your gluten free pharmacy jellybean with all-natural colours that help boost sugar levels. Available in 9 different flavours; Aniseed - Vanilla - Strawberry - Blueberry - Raspberry - Apricot - Orange - Blackcurrant - Apple

Ingredients: Sugar Glucose Syrup (from corn) 30%, Water, Thickener (1401 from corn), Invert Syrup, Natural Colours (100, 120, 141, 153, 160a, 160c), Spirulina Concentrate, Concentrated Black Carrot Juice, Concentrated Grape Juice, Flavours, Glazing Agent (Vegetable Oil (903, 904)), Food Acid (296, 330), Sodium Citrate.

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