About Us

A tiny insight to how we got started...

After being diagnosed in 2009, owner & lead designer of My diabetic life, Carolyn, wanted to make diabetes less of a life sentence & make looking after her diabetes a more enjoyable experience so she set out to design her first pump sticker. Then Carolyn needed a place to store her diabetes gear, so the Diabetes carry all cases were created.

storage bags

From then Carolyn has worked with many clients to create custom diabetes decals and shirts, with happy customers all over the world! My Diabetic life has now expanded and can boast we carry the biggest range of stickers and decals in the southern hemisphere. 

"I have had insulin pumps and was on MDI for 10 years and I have a crazy amount of meters since diagnosis. I felt that all the medical devices were, just that, sterile, unoriginal and boring. I started designing my own patterns and calculating sizes, design and files. Id have to say, the storage bag with poison cookies is my all time favourite! "