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Double 'D'

Double 'D' - Sugar Free Cola Bottles - 90g Packet

Double 'D' - Sugar Free Cola Bottles - 90g Packet

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Double 'D' SUGAR FREE Fruit Chews have only natural colours & Flavours in them and are made using isomalt, a sugar alternative for health conscious consumers that is derived from the natural sugar beet. These Double "d"elicious lollies because they are naturally sweetened with STEVIA. which is made from the leaves of the plant species. Stevia rebaudiana. 

These sweet treats are Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Natural colours and flavours, Dental friendly and Australian Owned.

The Double 'D' team has been pioneering and manufacturing confectionery in Australia since the 1920's. Enjoy these sweet treats in moderation and part of balanced diet.

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