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Nano Glass Screen Protector for Medtronic Minimed

Nano Glass Screen Protector for Medtronic Minimed

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Product Description

In the pack 

  • 1 x Nano Glass Screen Protector for diabetes technology
  • 1 x Application Kit including; Polishing Cloth, Smear free wipe, Dust Removal Sticker

Our Nano-Glass Screen Protectors boast multiple layers, ensuring superior protection while preserving clarity and resisting fingerprints due to its oleophobic coating.

Unlike conventional slate-style tempered glass screen protectors, the innovative multi-layered Nano-Glass enhances flexibility, thus elevating impact resistance and eliminating the potential for shattering and the presence of hazardous glass shards.

This unique construction sets our screen protectors apart, providing a combination of strength and flexibility for an enhanced user experience, what's more - our nano glass screen protectors are available for any device.

Application Instructions

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