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Omnipod Reusable Cover - Dark Blue

Omnipod Reusable Cover - Dark Blue

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Colour your Omni pod with these reusable covers. Any colour that matches your outfit, or a subtle colour to make your pump less noticeable. They are simple to use, endlessly reusable and made from a slim and light, but strong and flexible plastic material. The cover feels smooth and soft and weighs only 3g!

The material is skin-friendly (PVC, BPA and latex free). Everything you normally do with the Omnipod (think of sleeping, exercising, showering) is also possible if you use a cover. 

The Omnipod Device and any other accessories/scenery show is not included in this sale. You are purchasing the reusable cover only

NOTE: the images which include ONLY the item are the best representation of the product. The images which include people and environmental items were created to give a general sense of what the final product will look like.

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