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Hypo-hair Dont Care - Hypo Treat Box

Hypo-hair Dont Care - Hypo Treat Box

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Product Description

We never know what a Hypo is coming our way and we best prepare for it with a sugary treat, Fill it will Jelly beans or skittles or anything you can think of! 

These nifty little boxes are made from food grade plastic, manufactured in Australia. You can simply push on the centre of the container & the lid pops open for easy of use

Containers are approx: 7.5cm (long) x 5.5cm (wide) x 3cm (high)

Care Instructions

Whilst all care is taken printing your decals, they are printed with eco-solvent ink and can have reactions to blood, sweat, cleaning products (such as alcohol wipes) and other liquids.

We recommend that if these liquids come in contact with the stickers you pat dry (do not rub as this may damage the design/print).

To ensure the longevity of your product, it is recommended that you gentle hand wash only. Soaking (especially in hot water), scrubbing and usage in microwaves, ovens and dishwashers can damage the product.

Laser Engraved designs do not require any special treatment.

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